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Combo Binders,Punch and  Bind both Wire and Plastic combs


Wire and Comb Binders

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Multibind wire and Comb . Punches 8 Binds 125/145 Pages

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Punches up to 15 sheets, binds up to 140 sheets(3:1 wire comb). Punches up to 20 sheets. Binds up...

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Built for General Office Preferences. Punches up to 15 sheets. Binds up to 150 sheets - Wire comb....

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Punches up to 20 sheets - wire, Binds up to 140 sheets. Punches up to 25 sheets - comb. Binds up to...

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Manual Frequent use Multibind Punches 30 binds 140/450 Pages

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Frequent use Multibind Punches 16/20 Binds 125/450 Pages Wire, Comb and Click Bind

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Electric Multibind Punches 30 Binds 140/450 Pages


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