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Pulldown Screen 1:1
SKU: SC0252/0265/0269/0271/0278
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Pulldown Screen 1:1

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  • Self-Locking system is easy to use.
  • The screen stays wrinkle-free, is flame retardant and mildew resistant.
  • Black framed, black backed screen.
  • Screen gain 1 with matt white fabric.
SCREEN PULLDOWN 1270*1270mm(View1220*1220mm) 1:1 R1 760,00
SCREEN PULLDOWN 1520*1520mm(View1470*1470mm) 1:1 R1 925,00
SCREEN PULLDOWN 1830*1830mm(View1780*1780mm) 1:1 R2 110,00
SCREEN PULLDOWN 2130*2130mm(View2030*2030mm) 1:1 R2 810,00
SCREEN PULLDOWN 2440*2440mm(View2340*2340mm) 1:1 SRC R4 675,00


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